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Welcome to a world of Values

8 billion people, 8 billion values, 4 versions of you

Where your beliefs, opinions, faith and ideology decide what you see, how you interact and are rewarded

Avatars with specific values

Meadowscape with community ideologies

Roaming AI avatars some with prescribed opinions

People with different beliefs see different things

Heading 5

Offerings come to you - not you searching for them

Interact with aligned influencers and celebrities

Avatars with specific values

Talk to those no longer with us ... Mother Teresa or Amy Winehouse,  Elvis or  Kurt Cobain, your mum or dad ... and hear their advice
Online Value(s) linked to In-Real-Life Value(s) and Outcomes

Transact smoothly between physical and digital art

Link inspiration of Fantasy with IRL actions

Earn points in MiMeta gaming and spend IRL


Key Opinion Leaders (celebrities and influencers) have unprecedented global reach with followers who are aligned not just to them but also to their values. They are, however, time poor to promote their social causes but using MiMeta Deep Tech their values persist beyond their physical presence and industries. Empowering AI, codified with their values, allows KOLs to extend their brands into parallel sectors like gaming, metaverse, education, etc and even communicate through non-native languages and cultures to build a better world

KOLs become values driven AI

KOLs promoting ESG themes

KOL's can automatically appear in Gaming

KOL lecturing at MiMeta Digital University

KOL multi-language communication

Talk to KOLs 1:1 AMA

Heading 5

Would you like to live in a world like this?

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Online Values

You are Here

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Twinning Online Metaverse and IRL
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Values In Real Life
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